All right ya’ll, I wouldn’t usually post about something other than fashion, but I figured now is as good a time as any to clue you in on why I have been so MIA lately.
Not many of you know, but I grew up working in my parent’s cookie and coffee shop, where I started my long career in customer service at age six. And now, many years later, we are opening a breakfast restaurant! There is so much work that goes into owning and operating a small business. Taking pictures of, and taste testing all this fabulous food chief among them! I would be remiss to say that we haven’t encountered our fair share of setbacks, but am happy to report that we will be fully functional in about a month (finally!). So, if you ever find yourself in the Denver area, be sure to swing by and see me!
P.S. I sincerely apologize for my infrequent comings and goings here on RWF (and my lack of support lately for my fellow bloggers), and greatly appreciate your patience while I figure out my new schedule (6am openings mean 4am wake-up calls, and early to bed without much time for outfit pictures). To make up for it, feel free to ogle this photo of my dad’s “world famous” cinnamon rolls. You’re welcome!


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