ON KAYNA Jacket(old): Asos, Dress(old): GAP, Boots/Tights: Target
ON ESTES Boots/Tights/Shirt: Target, Jacket/Skirt(similar): H&M
It has been a while since the girls have made an appearance on the blog. So shooting family portraits in the woods was the perfect excuse to post some pictures (twice the girls in one post easily translates to twice the photos, so sorry about the slight inundation)….
 I love dressing Estes like a mini adult (thus the little leather jacket and motorcycle boots which are so “me”), and I would say that I enjoy doing the same for Kayna, except that now she actually wears adult sized clothes. Which let me tell you, is crazy! I can’t honestly call her “mini” anymore. Kayna was younger than Estes when my husband and I started dating. And it’s fun because now Estes can fit into the clothes that I saved from when Kayna was little (at the time, on the off chance that we had a daughter to complete our “yours, mine and ours” trifecta). The moral of this story, folks, is that time flies…
P.S. I just had to add this picture, because it pretty much sums up Estes’ usually piss poor attitude about everything. What a punk!

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