Shoes/Dress(similar)/Wallet: Target, Jacket: H&M, Bracelet: Handmade in Santa Fe, Belt (insanely old): I don’t recall where,
Ring: Stella&Dot, Earrings: Forever21, Sunglasses (old): Ray-Ban.
I never watched Sex and the City. Probably because I was too young when it first came on, and I never had girlfriends to watch it with as I got older.  Blasphemy, I know! But recently it was brought to my attention that HBO has a collection of complete series OnDemand, and well, I can’t resist. The style inspiration I have been missing out on all these years is endless!
This look is my interpretation of Carrie’s outfit in the first movie, where she calls Samantha to tell her she is getting married. I saw her pink dress look, and immediately dug out this studded belt I have been hoarding since probably middle school. Perfect.
P.S. I have been growing out my hair since September. And the longer it got, the less I felt like myself. What I really loved about my pixie cut was how it made me feel, like it enhanced my badass attitude and gave me a confidence boost. Being close to a very short bob made me feel like I was losing my edge, and I hated it. So I abandoned the goal of achieving all one length, and decided to shave the sides. And voila! It feels good to be back!

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