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February is a busy month for us. One of our two “birthday months” (the other is August), where we celebrate multiple birthdays within a few days of each other. And somewhere in the mix of all that madness falls Valentine’s Day. Phew! So needless to say, the day of love has become a bit of an afterthought… Booo…
I couldn’t help but put together a little list though, just in case someone special (or one particular person, respectively) might decide to surprise me!

P.S. Some of these items may seem a little random, so let me explain….
0: Two things about this scarf, the first is that the subtle heart print is reminiscent of leopard print. And the second is that the bright red color would go a long way towards helping me reach my goal of interjecting more color into my wardrobe. A win-win!
1: I love a good lingerie set. There is nothing like it to make you feel a little mischievous, all while looking completely normal to those around you.
2: I have been looking for a good sleep mask, in hopes that it will help me stay asleep at night. Nothing worse than waking up at 2am, only to lay around until 4am without falling back to sleep…..
3: Because a red manicure is a Valentine’s Day staple.
4: Okay, bear with me while I explain… Since the start of the year we have been feverishly working to revamp our eating habits. We have done a sugar cleanse (which let me tell you, there is sugar in EVERYTHING), started a rigorous workout routine, and have been pretty much cooped up trying to avoid potential setbacks. All of which has me craving a big ol’ burger in a bad way. So what do you say, date night? I don’t even mind swapping the fries for a side salad. Please?
5: The Walking Dead comic collection continues to grow, and although I already have this one (the colors matched the theme here), I wouldn’t complain about another addition to the box.
6: This necklace is kind of Lucrezia Borgia (but without all the incest), and would look fab with a white tee.
7: I really don’t like floral smells (weird, I know), but am always attracted to a good food scent. This sweet almond and macaroon candle would be heaven!
8: In case you haven’t noticed the awkward hair lately, I am growing out the pixie. And in need of a fancy brush to make this slow-going process just a little less painfully slow.
9: Snail mail is the best, and these vintage cards are perfect!
10: I’m loving all the layered ring looks lately, and could use some rings of varying sizes to round out my collection.

What do you do for Valentine’s Day?

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