Hint Hint: All I want for Christmas by alexandrarwf

If you have been following along for a while, you’ll know that my husband and I exchange gift idea lists (although I am yet to receive his… hint, hint) for holidays and birthdays. For some reason though, I had a hard time putting this list together. Maybe its the fact that I bought some of the stuff I wanted on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, because, well I’m impatient.

What do you want for Christmas?

P.S. A few explanations behind the items I picked:
0: I have considered that winter would be a perfect time to start growing out my hair (any thoughts?), so the more hat options I have, the better.
1: Rocky Horror is my jam. If only I had a record player…
2: It still makes me laugh that during the episode of the Rachel Zoe Project where they shot the photos for this book, that Roger knew her dress was made of gold lamé. Any normal man would not know that.
3: I may have already gotten these. And they may be heavenly.
4: This isn’t my typical kind of scarf, but I am drawn to it every time I visit H&M.
5: My husband and I (yes, I am a comic book nerd) have a pretty extensive collection of Walking Dead comics. This number 33 blue variant is pretty rare, and thus pretty desirable.
6: What kind of style blogger doesn’t own this book, I mean honestly.
7: “Ass kisser sends thank you note”, I think that’s explanation enough.
8: It is almost a year since I started this blog, and I still have to run back and forth between my camera and posing every time I take a picture. A remote would be so much more convenient.
9: My husband claims that he doesn’t enjoy holding my hand because it is always dry.
10: I find myself lounging around the house in my robe much more often than I care to admit, so these pajamas would be the perfect enablers to support my laziness. And they’re short sleeved!

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