Hint Hint: Workout Gear by alexandrarwf 


Everyone is jumping on the workout wagon. Everyone including me. So I thought I would share some exercise gear that I have been lusting after. Anything to make your sweat session a little more bearable! 

P.S. The reasons behind my choices (which I think I will make a regular part of these “Hint-Hint” posts):
0: My husband and I need yoga blocks for different reasons. Allan needs one because the small paint can he uses to help him reach the floor isn’t exactly what you might call stable. And I need one so I have something to grab when I reach past my feet. Lets just say that I am flexible, but not real athletic. 
1: Working out is sweaty business. Duh! 
2: Supposedly these little guys can give you a greater range of motion, with less impact on your shoulders. 
3: I have to cover up the muffin top with something… Because no one wants to remind a bunch of carb starved gym-goers of a nice yeasty roll. 
4: Okay, forgive the infomercial, but I simply cannot say enough about this product! One delicious shake a day for thicker hair, increased energy, and fewer cravings. Not to mention having lost seven pounds since January 1… It’s expensive, but SO worth it! 
5: I haven’t tried one of these things (because well, it’s kind of ugly), but it tracks all sorts of things to help you in your fitness journey.
6: Hydrate yourself!
7: Confession, I’m not really a sneakers kind of gal. In fact, the only pair I own were purchased three years ago to wear at my waitressing job. So a fresh, sleek pair is long overdue!
8: Light weights are my calling. I’m a weak wuss.
9: Toe socks take some getting used to (I owned a rainbow colored pair in middle school, they were all the rage back then),  but I bet these suckers would help with balance during a yoga session.
10: Allan says these pants are ugly, but I am head over heels! So the leopard obsession continues!

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