Hi Guys, we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a special announcement! The lovely Rachel, of Singer22, brings us a more fashionable way to head to the ball park for the MLB playoffs. No more oversized jerseys for this gal!

Take it away, Rachel…

Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Dressing for Baseball 

As we see the regular season of Major League Baseball end and prepare for an exciting month of post-season playoffs, you may find yourself wondering what to wear in order to best support your home team.  While theres certainly nothing wrong with a team t-shirt and baseball cap, its possible to combine function and fashion for a game day you wont forget.

First, remember that youll likely be climbing over seats and people. Though shorter skirts or dresses might seem like a smart choice for warmer climates, you might regret the decision when you accidentally reveal a little extra thigh. Even shorts can be problematicthe plastic seats and sweaty skin dont feel great together and usually make you feel even hotter. Instead, opt for maxi skirts or dresses that are simple and easy to layer.

If jeans are more your style, opt for a pair of capri or full length pants. Boyfriend styles with a rolled cuff  strike the right balance between casual and trendy, and offer a lot of flexibility in top, footwear, and accessory choices.
Next, remember that youll want to support your team in some waypreferably with team-specific merchandise. Home jerseys can be purchased in womens cuts and look polished and cute. Home jerseys are typically white and match with just about anything. If worn over a dress, they can be unbuttoned and tied to create an interesting top that also works to keep you warm.

If your allegiance lies with baseball only (and not a specific team), you could try a more fashion-savvy baseball tee.


For footwear, make sure you choose something youll be comfortable walking stairs in. Between trips to the restroom, hot dog stand, and merch store, youll be getting your exercise in. Flat sneakers or boat shoes often look good with either dresses or pants and will provide a little bit of supportbaseball games can be pretty long, after all.

Finally, dress in layers and remember your protective sun geareven if it doesnt feel hot outside, the sun is still hard at work. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a cute hat if youre especially sensitive. Also remember a jacketa pop of color can pull your outfit together and add structure to an outfit that is otherwise casual.

Above all, be prepared for rain or shine or hours of extra inning excitement. Baseball games celebrate all that is great about summer and fall in America, so sit back, eat a hotdog, and get your mitt ready.

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